An Item is a product or a service offered by your organisation.

How to make an Item?

  1. Go to Sales > Items.
  2. Click on the blue + button.
  3. Enter the Item Name.
  4. Upload an Image.
  5. Set the Rate at which you sell the item.
  6. Set the Type of Item as Product or Service.
  7. Click on Save.

Item Fields:

  • Item Name: Name of your product or service. Must be unique.
  • Rate: Selling Price of your Item.
  • Unit Type: The Unit of Measurement for your Item. Kg, Litre, or No.
  • Type: Whether the Item is a Product or Service.
  • Tax: The Tax Template to apply when creating an Invoice.
  • Description: More details about your Item, which will be printed in the Invoice.